“This issue, ‘Dolphin Meat’, has come about from a chance meeting with the few individuals that make up The Collective Push. The latter and we have discovered a shared wish that our next generation of children should not see dolphins—or any other animal for that matter—used for the purposes of entertainment.

We acknowledge that a worldwide shift in mindset needs to be achieved, which isn’t as impossible as it may at first appear, seeing that we seem to have nearly done so with regards to the consumption of shark’s fin, formerly considered a delicacy and an indispensable part of our culinary culture.

The dolphin: a mammal known to be highly intelligent, giving birth to live pups, suckling them with milk… It’s also the stuff of legends: rescuing humans stranded at sea or attacked by predatory sharks. If humans are intelligent creatures, then the push towards dolphin rescue can’t be a collective delusion.

So, fingers crossed: some day, the only way for one to see a dolphin is to swim with them in the big blue ocean.”

Twenty-Four Flavours: Dolphin Meat, Foreword by Kenny Leck


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